Archive: June, 2006

Thats funny to ME

    You know how sometimes people get so excited to tell a story or tell you about something funny that happened to them today? You can tell that they’re excited because their eyes light up when they start telling it, and they start talking faster and breathing less as the story progresses. They look so excited about it that you just smile and nod because you don’t want to interrupt them. Well this happens to me sometimes; probably because they think that I’m gonna listen. So I just go through the motions and smile and nod until they actually stop for a breath and it looks like they are waiting for some kind of response from me…..Thats when I turn my head to the right and ask them to say it again in my good ear. Cause thats funny to me.

Sadistic Bastard (I AM an ASS)

    I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I’m proud of it. But I’m not afraid to admit it. I am an ASS. well, sometimes, anyway. I’ve always known this about myself, and for the most part I’m okay with it. But last tuesday really reminded me just how much of an ASS I am. Even I had to kinda step back and shake my head.
    Last week at work our entire network crashed due to a power-outage (Thanks HawaiianElectric). That crash completely fried one of our servers, and that server just happened to be the one that controlled the entire domain as well as our email server. So, basically nobody in the company could login to their computer or get email for about a week. After working 16 hr days to rebuild the network, the last thing we had to do on tuesday was reconfigure EVERY workstation’s email. yes, all 200+ of them. Believe me, I took a mental note of everyone that was irritating me all week.
    So I’m going around and reconfiguring everyones workstation one by one, and was making everyone that irritated me wait to get their email fixed. I would fix one, then tell the next person that I gotta go back to my office to do something. Back in my office I would check my email, listen to a song, or send a sadistic myspace message to Jenn, then go back out and help the next person. For the people that really bothered me I would work on their computer for a little bit but not actually fix it, and tell them that there’s something wrong and fix the person next to them. I would come back in about an hour and fix it for real. Thats funny to me. They had no idea that I was just being an ass. Everyone just thought that I was really busy (which I actually was). But it still made me feel a little bit better to make the irritating people, who think the world revolves around them, wait.
    All of that crap actually made more work for me, but like I said, thats funny to me. And somehow that made it all worth it. I know I’m kinda messed up, but I AM an ass……I’ve made peace with that.