Archive: April, 2008

Road Rage

★ I swore at a stupid haole driver this morning on the H1. My windows were rolled up, so she probably didn’t hear me. But it still felt good.

That is all.

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

Motivational Poster of the week

Motivation - Booty

★ Motivation – Booty

Sexual Harassment

★ Sexual harassment is wrong, even if you like it.

Created out of boredom

★ I was bored at work and didn’t feel like jumping into a new project at work….This is what I ended up with:


Rule of Thumb

I was thinking and came up with a good rule of thumb for mixing:

If your description of last night begins with the word ‘Apparently…’ you probably drank too much kava. ★

New Blog design

New Blog design: “I just refreshed the brokenparadigmlabs blog design. The old design was really supposed to be temporary. I just never got around to updating it or posting to the blog at all. This design may also be temporary. I may change it again to match’s design once that is finished. as far as the status of broken.paradigm.labs, I’m transitioning the hosting for it. I haven’t really been in a rush to get it back up because I don’t really have time to take on more freelance work right now anyway. “

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