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A Good Day For a Run in The Park

★ Today While I was hanging out at Kapiolani Park I saw the funniest thing. It was a round noon and it was a really nice day, so there were a lot of people out running in the park. I noticed this one particular guy running by us. He was kinda fat, but that’s not why I noticed him. A hot girl all sweaty in her spandex and listening to her iPod was running also. She came up from the rear and passed the guy. Then the guy tried to speed up to catch up with her. But just couldn’t keep up with her. It was effing hilarious! At one point he almost caught up with her, then quickly feel far behind and never made up any ground after that. It was almost like he thought ‘if I can keep up and run next to her, maybe she’ll talk to me’. Thats funny to me.

Stickman Hangman

★ I thought this was pretty funny. “V A G I Z A”

Secret Admirer

★ Ok, lets just call it what it is. A ‘secret admirer’ is just a stalker with stationary.

Happy Father’s Day

★ Marketing a product in print ads is a lost art. Nothing gets your brands message across like this ad.

Motivational Poster of The Week


★ Yeah, your Gym Teacher probably was a perv

Have your cake…

★ The expression ‘Have your cake, and eat it too’ really doesn’t make any sense. Why do people say ‘you can’t have your cake and eat it too’. This is a phrase I’ve never really understood. It’s perfectly reasonable to want to eat a cake that you ‘have’. What the hell else are you going to do with a cake besides maybe pay tiny strippers to jump out of it; in which case you really shouldn’t eat it because that would just be gross. Seriously, you’ve got to assume that they all have at least one std for each stage-name they use. Sorry, I don’t know where I was going with that… Anyway, there really aren’t any other good uses for cake. I guess you could throw it in someone’s face. But thats a cliche generally reserved for pies. It might work if you’re trying to be ironic, but don’t expect anyone to get the joke. The moral of the story is: if you have cake, effing eat it!


★ I just found my weekend activity for at least the next couple of weeks.

Motivational Poster of The Week


★ Its funny, its probably okay to laugh.

No, I Will Not Fix Your Computer

★ I read an article on the BrooWaha Blog yesterday that was all too familiar to a situation I’ve been forced to deal with for a while now. Of course I’m talking about having to play tech-support for E-VER-Ybody I know. I know I shouldn’t feel sorry for myself because this is a problem that every person in my industry is cursed with, but I don’t know a single person who is even remotely technology literate. So I feel like a rant is kinda justified.

The BrooWaha article deals with people taking their personal computers to the company IT guy. I can agree with most of the points made in the article except one. He says that its not personal, well for me sometimes it is personal. But for the most part, personal PCs at work are only a marginal problem for me.

I’ve already accepted that all of my friends and family are going to call me up every time windows pops up an error message, or they can’t connect to the internet, or their PC is running slow, or they want to buy a computer and need a recommendation…and, well you get the idea. Lately I’ve noticed that the volume of this ‘friend tech-support’ has been steadily increasing. This bothers me only because the number of incompetent computer-using friends has not changed. Clearly somethings not adding up. My ‘friend tech-support’ sphere has been bleeding into the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th degree. What’s happening is friends who I’ve helped before are volunteering my help to their friends, and their friend’s friends. This has caused me to become increasingly cynical about fixing peoples PCs. Its getting out of control! At this rate, it wont be long before my ‘friend tech-support’ sphere covers the entire north shore of Oahu. I’ve been trying to counter this growth by screening calls, and taking so long to fix the problem that they start to regret asking for help. But nothing seems to be working. I’m just at a loss right now…I’ll be experimenting with different methods.

Motivational Poster of The Week


★ Sometimes you just gotta roll the dice. How else are you gonna get what you want it life

McCain’s Top 10 misstatements/false statements

★ Is it just me, or does John McCain always have a look on his face like he doesn’t know where the hell he is or what he is doing? I know the dude is old, but come on.

The DNC Cited what they call John McCain’s “troubling pattern of flubbing key facts and echoing obviously false statements about his own record,” the committee has put out a Top 10 of McCain’s “misstatements and outright deceptions.”

1. McCain doesn’t even know who is in charge in Iran.
2. Iraq/Iran, Sunni/Shia: McCain doesn’t know the difference.
3. McCain still thinks Czechoslovakia (which split into two countries in 1993) exists.
4. McCain wrongly claimed that Baghdad was mostly normal.
5. McCain called Baghdad market safe.
6. McCain can’t even remember how little he knows about the economy.
7. McCain falsely claimed he never requested pork.
8. McCain falsely claimed that tax cuts increased government revenues.
9. McCain’s claim to be untainted by special interest money is false.
10. McCain wrongly claimed he never supported amnesty.

Mastering the Internet

★ This answers any questions you might have about the internet. From now on when people ask for help I’m just going to point them to this post. Paradoxically, if you need to watch this video, your computer probably isn’t powerful enough to load it.