Archive: November, 2008

The Problem

★ It is deeply disturbing to me that a person like Sarah Palin, who didn’t know that Africa is a continent and not a country, got that close to the highest office of a global superpower. Clearly there is a problem with our government. I know that this is not news by any stretch of the imagination. But Sarah Palin has shown just how dangerous it is. To think that a person who doesn’t know the countries in NAFTA could’ve been our president is very disturbing. This got me thinking about how we got to this place in politics.

I’m gonna use an analogy. Lets say our government is a car. Every 4 years we get a chance to redesign this car however we want it. We can customize this car to best suit us for the road ahead. When the GOP designed their new concept car, lets call it the “Mavrick”, they slept on some critical engineering decisions. They decided to invest all of their resources in a really shiny bling’d out hood ornament. They were so proud of this shiny new hood ornament that represents their brand like a logo, but they forgot the engine. I’m sure they thought that it would be fine. They would just throw some leather and wood trim inside, cut the price, and America will buy it. If they want the car to move the Republican party will just push it.

I’m not picking on the GOP because they are not the only ones guilty of this in the past. But the days of thinking its okay to nominate bling over a high-tech electric engine are over.

It was a good day

★ A very good day. I’m proud of my country, especially my generation that saw this grass-roots movement through to the end.