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★ A wise person once said

Low self-esteem is a gift that keeps on giving.

- Kevin Pereira

This is very true, as I experienced this phenomenon first hand during the great Oahu Blackout of ’08.



★ Take what we’ve learned from the economy and apply it to other areas.


★ I’m clearly not patient enough to work with idiots.

That is all.

Motivational Poster of the Week


★ This is how my friday feels.


Comic #398

★ The perks of the job

Lipstick on a Pig

★ I have had girlfriends in the past who seem to have open budgets for their makeup products. As a guy, I’ve accepted that I will never understand this. But how the hell do you spend that much on hair and makeup in 2 months on ONE person!.

The RNC paid $110,400 on hair and makeup artistry on Sarah Palin for her two months in the sun.

Plus $55,000 more for clothes.

(ed.note: Let me stipulate that the title refers very broadly to the insufficiency of expenditures on superficialities to compensate for Palin’s shortcomings as a candidate.)

TPM nailed it again.