Puke In My Mouth

★ This is a nicely done female response to “Jizz In My Pants”.

If I Were a Bro

★ And the hits keep on coming with another CollegeHummor Original

Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn’t Fucking Work

★ ONN does it again. It’s gonna be Legend-wait for it-Dairy.

Motherf***ing Parking Ticket

★ Mr. Chi-City AKA Mr. Goodbar

Awkward Rap

★ CH does it again.

Rick Roll’d


★ Are we really surprised. This is just the natural progression in the “Rick-Rolling” phenomenon. If you pay attention you can see this trend all over the internets.



★ “Closure” defined.



★ Take what we’ve learned from the economy and apply it to other areas.

Motivational Poster of the Week


★ This is how my friday feels.


Comic #398

★ The perks of the job

This is why batman and superman will never make a movie together

★ This is exactly why a Superman & Batman movie will never happen.

Motivational Poster of the Week


★ Envy……. apparently it also has red arrows hovering over its head.

Joe six-pack


★ Is this the ‘Joe Six-Pack’ that Sarah Palin was talking about?

Palin as President

★ Sarah Palin scares me…This actually frightens me.




★ Triple digits get really interesting.

Sarah Palin Debate Flow Chart


★ This flow chart is surprisingly accurate. I think you could also apply this to her interview strategy.

Motivational Poster of the Week


★ Sexism is wrong, no matter how fun it is.

Motivation Poster of the Week

Motivational Post of The Week

★ The real water cooler conversation

Leadership Academy

★ Jon Stewart on McCain’s experience

“John McCain is a great leader because he endured 5 1/2 years of brutal treatment by his capturers…Hey Guantanamo is a leadership academy!”

Canadian Grizzly Bear warning sign


★ Those crazy canadians!…funny even in the face of danger, eh.